localfoodie (localfoodie) wrote,

Building Momentum

6000 nails and counting, and I can safely say that the single greatest invention in construction would have to be the nail gun!

The house is just about framed at this point, and we have started the process of putting up plywood sheeting on the walls and roof. Soon we'll be able to start working indoors (with a wood stove!) The location is just beautiful, and our living room picture window affords an incredible view of sunrise over the mountains.

It's hard to focus on prepping for next year's growing season with the house foremost in our minds, but we did manage to get our garlic planted last month and have been rotating the piggies around to clear some of the garden space. Our next big food related endeavor will be processing a beef cow in the coming month. It will be a relief to start stocking the freezer with our own food. It has been a challenge for us to arrive in a new place without any food connections, especially this time of year. There are some local items to be found, but we have had to become reacquainted with the grocery store, a place we were very happy to avoid the past 3 years in Maine!
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