localfoodie (localfoodie) wrote,

A New Chapter

As a child I loved visiting my grandparents' farm in Colorado. I have such vivid memories of scaling what then seemed to be mountains of hay bales, of waking up to hear my grandmother adding wood to the stove and starting her day well before dawn, of trying to avoid the watchdog geese who seemed to be trying to nip and hiss the city girl out of me, and of sitting in the barn while the cow was milked, watching in amazement as my grandfather occasionally interrupted his steady rhythm to squirt a stream of milk into the mouth of a persistent barn kitten.

Fast forward 30 years and here I am starting a whole new chapter of my life on that very same farm. After 8 years in Maine, my husband and I felt drawn to a place where we could begin to bring all of our food and sustainability interests together, while also being able to collaborate with, and learn from family with lifelong knowledge. We have been here almost exactly a month, during which time we have quickly slipped into the routine of getting up before dawn, working really hard all day, and going to bed early! Between building a house, tending to the pigs, chickens, and turkeys, gathering firewood for winter, and cooking, there is always something needing to be done. Yet, it all feels good, and this morning I woke up feeling motivated to start writing about it. But for now it's back to work getting ready for Thanksgiving...at least the plucking part is over!

Happy Thanksgiving.
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