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Exploding Cabbage

This weekend we put up part of our first major harvest...cabbage. It has been exploding in the garden for weeks (apparently it doesn't need sun since we haven't had any) and now continues to explode in my kitchen! I usually only ferment in jars with screw top lids, and now I know there is a good reason...latch top lids under the pressure of kimchi fermentation become fully loaded, semi-automatic, cabbage launchers. If you have never seen cabbage juice spray 10 feet in every direction I can tell you it's impressive, but probably best observed through safety goggles.

So three gallons of kimchi, and a newly washed floor later, I still have a ton of cabbage ready to harvest. Granted with all the rain, the slugs and snails are helping, but my fist major planting adjustment for next year will be: less cabbage!

Everything else is coming along nicely. The beets are about 2 inches in diameter, the carrots about half an inch and 4-5 inches long. It was well worth the time to space the seeds as I have not had to thin them and they are doing great. Our aphid crisis has abated a bit and the ladybugs that we released to help control them have not flown away due to the bad weather. We do still have an over population of earwigs, which seem to really like living in the cabbage. I just read that a good way to trap them is by putting out upside down plant pots with crinkled newspaper in them. They apparently like to hid in the folds of the paper, probably because it reminds them of cabbage leaves.

The groundhog continues to be kept at bay by the fence, but he got bold enough to climb on to the deck and eat all the cabbage seedlings that I had growing there. In the end, he probably did me favor, keeping me from having to plant more cabbage when this crop is done!
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