localfoodie (localfoodie) wrote,

Just Add Water

It's amazing what a little rain can do. The drops just stopped falling long enough for me to go outside with my camera and I felt that if I stayed really still I could actually see things growing. The peas are blossoming, the carrots are pushing up delicate leafy fronds, the lettuce, kale and spinach are already feeding us and the beets are ready for thinning.

So far there have not been any major glitches. I lost two little cabbage plants to something of the bug or slug variety, but whatever it was seems to have moved on (hopefully without leaving any eggs behind). The groundhog has been observed sitting by the gate looking rather longingly at the kale and probably thinking "when does this all you can eat salad bar open anyway?" So far the fence has proved effective in keeping him at bay.

We decided last minute to plant some potatoes and since there wasn't room in the garden we built a big round container with some extra fencing. Traditionally when potatoes are planted in the ground you "hill" them several times, hoeing the dirt up around the plants to stimulate better growth. We're trying a container method where instead of hilling we will just keep adding dirt and mulch as the plants grow. The container is about 3 feet deep and we started with a foot of dirt so we have lots of room to go up as the plants grow. If it works, next year we'll expand to more containers.

I'm hardening off the remains of my seedlings: cukes, pumpkin, broccoli, more leeks and various herbs. We also bought several hot pepper plants which will go in containers to be placed in the the few full sun spots in the yard. Hopefully by the end of the weekend everything will be in the dirt and I can reclaim the square footage in my living room that has been serving as a greenhouse since March.

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