localfoodie (localfoodie) wrote,

Can't Stay Out of the Dirt!

There is something I just love about dirt. When I was a kid, I could sit and make mud pies for hours on end, as happy as could be. Now it's not so much the mud as dirt in general...the texture, the smell, the way it feels on my hands and under my nails. Pure happiness!

The garden is coming along. We put up the pea/bean/cuke/pumpkin cages today. They seem like they will work well. Each one is 5 feet tall and has a gallon reservoir buried in the middle. The peas took right to their new spot and will be joined by cukes and beans in another week. I think I'll hold back the pumpkins for a couple weeks yet despite the optimistic weather forecast.

The Portland Farmers' Market opened yesterday and I couldn't resist buying a few more seedlings. My leeks and onions were so spindly that I opted for the insurance of supplementing with a few hardier starts. A flat of mixed kale made it home with us as well. There is just such a difference between the seedlings I started in the house with the grow light and what the farmers are selling. Clearly they know what they are doing.

In addition to lots of seedling and flowers we were grateful to find some shallots at the market, just as our storage onions are running out. It's easy to start getting optimistic about expanding our menu now that spring is here, but about the only seasonal veggies to be had this early are fiddleheads and ramps (wild onion)...not quite the makings of a salad!
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